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access_time 1 hour, 22 minutes

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Black-led and Black-benefiting organizations serve as essential first responders to community crises. These are often hyper-local, grassroots organizations with deep connections to the communities they serve. Despite operating with limited resources, Black-led organizations leverage local influence and the founder’s dedication to fuel social change and advocacy, achieving remarkable results.

In this webinar, nonprofits will gain practical tools and strategies to articulate your funding needs, and funders will develop insights for building trust and deploying sustainable resources to help Black-led and black-serving nonprofits thrive.

Recording date: March 20, 2024

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The Young, Black & Giving Back Institute

A case for Black-led and benefiting nonprofits

  • 0:12:34 Grassroots, Black & Giving report
  • 0:13:35 Are Black-led nonprofits the same as Black-led and benefiting nonprofits?
  • 0:14:15 What are Black-led and benefiting nonprofits?
  • 0:16:46 Who are Black-led and benefiting nonprofits?
  • 0:17:56 Why focus on Black-led and benefiting nonprofits?
  • 0:19:25 Why grassroots, Black-led and benefiting nonprofits?
  • 0:32:38 Methodology

Key themes

  • 0:33:22 Black-led and Black-benefiting nonprofits are largely led by women, Gen Xers and Milennials who have dedicated more than a decade of their lives to social change
  • 0:40:24 Black-led and Black-benefiting nonprofits are grassroots and grounded in communities
  • 0:41:57 Black-led nonprofits address the direct needs of Black communities in areas related to poverty and economic security
  • 0:43:24 Black-led nonprofits want capacity-building support
  • 0:50:03 Black-led nonprofits seek diverse, authentic, and trusting funding partnerships

Wrapping up


  • Understand the why and how behind the Young Black & Giving Back Institute
  • Articulate the connection between Black-led social change and the need for racial funding equity
  • Develop or modify existing strategies to prioritize and deploy programs that center the needs of Black-led and serving nonprofits
  • As a funder, analyze the “why” of your organization’s mission and practice to ensure it aligns with authentic, equitable distribution of resources

Intended audience

  • All levels of experience
  • Board members
  • CEOs, executive directors, upper management
  • Fundraising & development staff
  • Grant writers
  • Grantmaker/funder
  • Individual grantseekers
  • Program directors and staff


Ebonie Johnson Cooper Founding Executive Director, The Young, Black & Giving Back Institute