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CEOs need access to new models of leveraging resources and building capacity. Strategic alliances -- whether in the form of a merger, acquisition, administrative back-office consolidation, co-location, joint program venture, or network -- can provide a new way to look at existing challenges and multiply impact. Since 2013, the Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative (NSI) has provided funding to over 200 Los Angeles-based nonprofits interested in exploring strategic alliances. This initiative is a collaboration of 17 private and community foundations who have pooled their funds in order to support the capacity of local nonprofits. Similar funder initiatives exist throughout the U.S. Some have just started, and others have been providing funding for years. Six of these initiatives have come together to share best practices and to develop a joint evaluation strategy. This video will introduce the national movement of funders interested in supporting strategic alliances and share insights from the lessons learned from the dozens of strategic alliances recently formed in Los Angeles. Watch to find out how a strategic alliance could help you strengthen your local impact.


After watching this video, you should be able to:

  • Determine your organization’s readiness to engage in strategic alliance negotiations;
  • Analyze whether to hire a neutral third party to facilitate negotiations;
  • Identify legal challenges around partnerships and recognize how and when to bring in legal assistance;
  • Mitigate potential roadblocks to reaching an agreement; and
  • Make the case for the impact strategic alliances can bring to your organization in the long-term

A Special Welcome to: CEO’s and Board members of nonprofits; Funders

Qualifies for
1.5 CFRE point(s)

Intended audience

  • All levels of experience

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0:00:29 What is Candid?

0:01:36 Presenter introductions

0:02:52 Welcome and audience polling

0:10:11 NSI (Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative) Overview

0:25:48 NSI Evaluation

0:47:29 Case Study: Hillsides (Merger)

0:58:49 Case Study: Chamber Music LA (Network)

1:10:45 Sustained Collaboration Network

1:19:02 Resources

1:20:03 Q&A