There are over 1.8 million nonprofits in the United States. With so many nonprofits out there, it can be difficult to find the ones that matter to you. That's where Candid comes in. Candid is the ultimate resource that provides information on nonprofits in the United States. In this article, we will discuss how to use Candid to look up a 501(c)(3) nonprofit - whether you are looking for a specific nonprofit or a list of nonprofits who work in a certain cause area or geographic region. 


How can Candid help you find a nonprofit? 

As a nonprofit organization, Candid serves as the world's largest source of information on 501(c)(3) organizations. Candid is on a mission to revolutionize philanthropy by providing information that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving. 

Candid is a valuable resource for anyone looking to find a specific nonprofit in your area, verify a nonprofit, or prospect for a list of nonprofits working in a certain cause area or region. By using Candid, you can ensure that the nonprofit you are considering is transparent. All the information Candid provides can help ensure you make informed decisions. 

Find information like the organization's mission, programs and services, financial information, leadership and governance, and more. You can also find the nonprofit's contact information, website, and social media links to easily get connected. 


Look up a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on Candid 


Using the Candid platform to look up a nonprofit could not be a simpler process. Follow the steps below to begin your search and learn how to filter down to exactly what kind of nonprofit or nonprofits you are looking for: 

Step 1: Easily search for a nonprofit using keywords 

Once you are on the Candid platform, start by typing one or more keywords or an organization’s name in the search box. Candid's search platform uses natural language, so don't be afraid to try a few searches using different keywords and phrases. It will find the best options for you. You can also enter an organization’s EIN if you have it.  

As soon as you click the search button, you will instantly see a list of results for nonprofits that match your search criteria. These results are automatically sorted by relevance with the most relevant at the top. 

Step 2: Filter your nonprofit search results  

Use the filters situated on the left-hand side of your screen to refine your search results. You will notice three tabs that will help you filter based on the criteria you're most interested in. 

The "Geography" tab allows you to look for nonprofits by state, city, and even down to the zip code. This comes in handy if you want to find a nonprofit in your area or nonprofits in your region.

geography filter nonprofit lookup

In the "Organization" tab, try the "Subject Area" filter to locate nonprofits based on their stated mission. Another great way to find a verified nonprofit is to filter by Seals of Transparency.  

organization filter nonprofit lookup

In the "Financials" tab, you can drill down on the financials of the 501(c)(3) organizations. You can move the sliding scale to find a list of nonprofits within a certain revenue range. You can do the same for a nonprofit's expenses and total assets. 

financials filter nonprofit lookup

Step 3: Review the nonprofit profiles  

As soon as you select or change your filter criteria, your search results will instantly refresh. We encourage you to customize your search by adding and removing filters as needed. Applying too many filters will yield fewer search results. Always review the list of nonprofit search results before applying a new filter just to be sure. 

Once you have what looks like a nice list of nonprofit search results, simply select a nonprofit to view their profile. There, you can discover what they do and how they do it. 



Candid is a valuable resource for anyone looking to find a nonprofit organization. By using Candid, you can be sure to find the nonprofits that will help you achieve what you are aiming to accomplish. With Candid's simple nonprofit search tool, you can leverage data to make informed decisions about where to donate your money, what nonprofits to work with, and how to find nonprofits aligned with your goals.

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