At Candid, we are continually creating and gathering knowledge that foundations can use for their own learning.

Scanning the field for knowledge about issues, program areas, lessons learned, and collaborations is critical to understanding your role in moving the social sector forward. No one expects anyone to know it all, and if we all share our knowledge then we can come close to a fuller picture of the landscape.

Issue Lab gathers, indexes, and publicly shares the collective intelligence of the social sector. It provides free access to more than 30,000 case studies, evaluations, white papers, and issue briefs addressing the world’s most pressing problems; shares content with libraries, archives, and online communities; and builds custom knowledge centers for funders, networks, and nonprofits. Through Issue Lab, Candid supports ongoing learning and research in the social sector, believing in the power of the sector’s collective intelligence and the importance of open and free access to that intelligence.

Candid's original research - Our researchers analyze and interpret the most current philanthropic data so you can tap into it. This data is delivered through our Research Reports on a vast array of topics. Hundreds of full-text reports published over decades are available to download in our frequently updated open access repository.

Foundation Landscapes - Foundation Landscapes combine multiple resources, including data visualization tools, original research, and more, to illuminate critical issues in philanthropy. These landscapes focus on a variety of issues, such as coronavirus, racial equity, and more. Explore Foundation Landscapes to learn about funding patterns and trends pertaining to the issue, research insights, and current philanthropy-related headlines.

Candid Learning for Funders - Candid Learning for Funders (formerly GrantCraft) delivers the knowledge that funders need to be strategic and effective in their work, addressing questions funders face across various strategies and issue areas. Candid Learning for Funders taps the “practical wisdom” of a diverse group of experienced funders primarily through the creation of free materials—field guides, blogs, case studies, translations, a map of the craft, and more—all designed to improve grantmaking practice.

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