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If you have not already done so, we suggest that you start your search with a visit to your college or university's financial aid office, as it may be able to connect you with resources that specifically target non-U.S. residents.

Also, ask about scholarships from other organizations in your personal and professional networks, for example:

  • Government agencies (education, arts and culture, health, etc.) in your country that award scholarships
  • Department office for your academic program
  • Local or regional alumni clubs
  • Community or civic organizations, such as Rotary International
  • Religious organizations
  • Businesses or corporations that employ you, your parents, or your spouse

You can also explore scholarship sites and directories, like The Ultimate Scholarship Book 2024, which you can borrow for free from our Overdrive eBook collection. If the 2024 edition is unavailable, we also have previous editions of The Ultimate Scholarship Book to borrow.

The Institute of International Education provides information about international education and training programs, including Fulbright scholarships.

To start learning now about getting foundation grants, watch our free recorded webinar, Finding Foundation Support for Your Education. 

How to find funders that give to international students

To find funders who give grants to undergraduate students, you can use Foundation Directory Professional, our searchable database of grantmakers.

Perform an advanced search by Transaction Type: Grants to Individuals, in addition to search terms for Subject Area and Geographic Focus.

For more detailed search help, please see our article, Find your next scholarship, fellowship, or grant on Foundation Directory Professional. 

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