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access_time 55 minutes

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Join Kelly Brown, founder of Viewpoint Consulting, Laia Griño, director of Data Discovery at Candid, and Michele Dilworth, senior director of Partnerships at Candid, in this webinar as they explore the significance of demographic data in your organization’s Candid profile.

Discover the benefits of using standardized demographic data and learn how the Demographics via Candid campaign simplifies data collection, sharing, and informed decision-making in the social sector.

Recording date: June 8, 2023

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Why organizations collect demographic data

  • 00:02:32 The importance of collecting demographic data
  • 00:05:10 Data can reveal disparities and inequities
  • 00:07:17 The tyranny of the taxonomy
  • 00:09:20 Demographics/identity can be charged

How: Candid’s demographic data journey

  • 00:11:43 Candid’s approach to collecting demographic data
  • 00:12:45 Demographic data on Candid profiles
  • 00:14:03 How many nonprofits are sharing demographic data?
  • 00:14:24 A quick history of creating a demographic data resource for the sector

What's new?

  • 00:17:37 3 “Stools” of social sector demographic data collection
  • 00:21:38 Data dispersion- Data queries of enterprises
  • 00:24:19 Important considerations
  • 0:26:53 2023 Updates to race/ethnicity section
  • 00:28:27 Implications of these changes

Q&A and next steps

  • 00:31:29 Q&A
  • 00:50:58 Contact information for unanswered questions
  • 00:51:12 Update your demographic data via your Candid profile
  • 00:51:32 Become a DvC partner
  • 00:52:02 Use Candid’s demographic information

Intended audience

  • All levels of experience
  • Board members
  • CEOs, executive directors, upper management
  • Fundraising & development staff
  • Grant writers
  • Marketing, communications, external affairs
  • Nonprofit startups

Published Wednesday, June 14, 2023