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Who are your website visitors, where are they coming from, and what do they do at your site? Join Crispin Bailey of Kalamuna to learn how Google Analytics can help you gain this type of intelligence and inform your strategy as you craft content and make decisions about where to place ads for maximum impact.

About the Speaker:

Crispin Bailey is the User Experience (UX) Lead at Oakland-based web agency Kalamuna, where he brings the firm 's design and technical forces together to help clients craft compelling and user-friendly websites. In his long history of helping organizations improve their web presence, he has led positive outcomes as a digital producer, senior interactive designer, UX/UI designer, project manager and technologist. He loves collaborating on challenging projects with other talented and creative people, and going for long walks on the beach.

Kalamuna makes the Internet for rabble-rousing organizations driven to tinker, critique, and change the way things are. We like to play with the existing state of affairs by testing strategies, coming up with new solutions, new paradigms, and new ways of doing things. It 's this restless, change-making mindset that gets anything worth doing done. We have it and our clients have it. And it 's what drives our work in design, strategy, user experience, and development. When we play, mission-driven organizations win.

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Published Thursday, November 19, 2015