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Each year, Classy announces fundraising trends to look out for in the coming year, but unforeseen events and variables in 2020 made predicting this year’s trends, without a doubt, the most difficult yet.

While the future remains uncertain, Classy is uncovering its predictions for 2021 (and very likely, beyond.) During this video, you’ll walk away with insight into key fundraising themes that have arisen and how you can capitalize on them in 2021.

A Special Welcome to:

  • Board members
  • CEOs, executive directors, upper management
  • Fundraising & development staff
  • Marketing, communications, external affairs
  • Nonprofit startups
  • Program directors and staff


  • Discuss the importance of virtual events and recurring giving, and why they will continue to be an important part of your fundraising strategy for 2021 and beyond
  • Prepare to proactively engage donors where they spend their time
  • Plan for a diverse fundraising strategy to remain nimble in times of uncertainty

Qualifies for
1.5 CFRE point(s)

Intended audience

  • All levels of experience

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Use the following bookmarks to jump to sections of the training:

2:22 Agenda

3:38 The Importance of Virtual Events and Why They’re Here To Stay

4:41 How did the COVID19 pandemic impact in-person fundraising events?

6:25 Nonprofits step up to the challenge

13:47 Why the virtual trend is here to stay?

14:54 Virtual Events Toolkit

15:43 Meet Your Supporters on Their Turf

16:19 Meet supporters where they spend the most time online

18:21 Why explore live streaming?

24:05 Embed live streams and videos directly onto your fundraising campaign

24:58  Livestream Fundraising

27:50 Recurring Giving Will Be More Important Than Ever

28:35 Why focus on securing recurring donors?

36:47 How to tap into the recurring giving trend

41:51 A nonprofit’s Guide to Recurring Giving

42:15 Remaining Nimble in Times of Uncertainty

42:54 Tips to diversify your fundraising strategy

45:24 Work on connecting disparate fundraising efforts

52:34 Q/A


Elizabeth McDonough (she,her) Marketing Manager, Classy
Elizabeth Zevada (she/her/ella) Network Engagement Manager, Northeast, Candid
Ivonne Simms (she/her) Network Engagement Manager Candid