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Where can I find or post volunteer opportunities?

If you're looking for volunteer opportunities, start with organizations whose causes you support. Your school, workplace, or place of worship also are good places to start inquiring. To find volunteers, use social media or find volunteer recruitment websites.


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Where can I find information on corporate giving? What motivates companies?

When it comes to philanthropy, corporations give in various ways, including cash donations or grants, in-kind gifts, sponsorships, cause-related marketing, and pro bono services. Companies also like to promote workplace giving through employee matching gifts programs and other efforts that encourage their workers to give their time and/or money to charity.

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Where can I find information on online fundraising?

Online fundraising generally refers to using the internet to raise money for your organization. Websites, blogs, email marketing, search engine optimization, Facebook, tweets, etc. are just some ways to do this. Research shows transparency online about your nonprofit can also increase contributions.