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"Everybody needs to be in it for a common goal."

Collaboration can help make your programs more effective and your operations more efficient, but only if it is conducted in a thoughtful and thorough manner. What are the strategies for forming a collaboration that works? How can you avoid setbacks?

Dena Hartigan, owner of Hartigan and Stafford Grant Professionals, and Joanne Di Napoli, corporate director of foundation and government grants at Meridian Health Affiliated, share their knowledge and lead this workshop about the intricacies of collaboration during the grant application and the implementation stages. Learn the motives behind collaboration and what it takes to form a collaboration that lasts.

This event was presented in collaboration with the Grant Professionals Association New Jersey Chapter.

Learn more about this topic at the Collaboration Hub, where you can search a collection of 650+ profiles of nonprofit collaborations and browse related articles, reports, videos, podcasts, and live chat transcripts.

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Published Thursday, February 21, 2013