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This training is made possible thanks to our partnership with Fundraising Academy.

Historically, in the United States, individual giving has been the biggest source of private giving, far outpacing foundation or corporate giving.  According to Giving USA, “American individuals, bequests, foundations, and corporations gave an estimated $449.64 billion to U.S. charities in 2019,” and, of that, individual giving “totaled an estimated $309.66 billion,” representing 69% of total giving.    

A successful nonprofit organization has diversified funding streams, and individual donors play an important role. If you or your organization is new to individual giving, this webinar is for you. We’ll provide you with an overview of the fundraising landscape and walk you through the key components of an individual giving program. 

Upon completion of this course you should be able to:  

  • Explain the importance of individual giving in a nonprofit’s fundraising strategy  
  • Identify key steps for a successful individual giving program 
  • Draft a plan to start or improve your annual individual giving program

Intended audience: 

  • Fundraising & development staff 
  • Board members 
  • CEOs, executive directors, upper management 
  • Grant writers 
  • Program directors and staff 

Additional information

You can access the handouts associated with this webinar, including a .pdf of the slides at 

Use the following bookmarks to jump to sections of the training: 

0:45  What is Candid?  

6:26  This training is brought to you by Fundraising Academy and Candid  

6:44  Upon completion of this training, you should be able to...  

7:20  Do you currently have an individual giving program?  

9:54  Trends in giving, and how individual giving plays a key role  

14:40  Create stability by diversifying funding  

16:22  Why do people give to nonprofits?  

18:52  The number one reason a donor decides to give is...  

19:52  Cause Selling: The alternative to traditional fundraising  

21:35  The Cause Selling cycle  

28:53  The heart to the process: Need discovery  

30:16  The donor pyramid  

32:44  What is a fundraising plan?  

34:49  Sample individual giving fundraising plan  

36:55  Your turn: Draft a strategy for your organization  

48:28  Nonprofit profiles on GuideStar  

50:06  Transparency pays off  

51:00  3 steps to claim and update your profile  

51:20  Continue learning with us  

52:04  Q&A 

Intended audience

  • All levels of experience



Krista Berry Ortega (she/her) Network Engagament Manager Candid
Chris Bunting (they/them) Lead Instructional Designer Candid

Published Monday, March 22, 2021