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"It doesn't matter how big or small the organization is, there's always a cap on resources available, and it's really important to make sure those resources are aligned for the most effective outcomes."

How can nonprofits plan for revenue growth and diversification? Nancy Osgood, founder and president of the Osgood Group, shares tips from her years of experience working with organizations of all types on revenue plans, audits, and strategies for growth. The Osgood Group is a management advisory firm that helps nonprofit organizations and socially focused businesses improve performance, effectiveness and sustainability. In this short video, Nancy answers the following:

  • What is revenue planning?
  • What are some common mistakes you see organizations make when it comes to pursuing revenue growth?
  • What about fundraising plans - where do they fit?
  • How do organizations get started with revenue planning?

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Published Friday, November 16, 2012