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Join us to learn about trends in how technology industry leaders are thinking about preparing the next generation's workforce by investing and engaging in public education initiatives. Topics covered include:

  • an overview of corporate giving and corporate community engagement priorities
  • how companies select the nonprofit partners with which they work
  • emerging patterns in tech investment in education
  • advice on best practices in recruiting and engaging tech donors


Notable timepoints:

4:44 Panelist Introductions

7:38 Laura Moran introduces the rest of the panelists and their companies ' roles in partnering with the San Francisco Unified School District

13:40 Katie Ferrick introduces LinkedIn 's role in supporting the education sector

15:25 Ebony Frelix introduces Salesforce 's role and interests in education

17:18 Ken Weber introduces Zynga and its role

21:00 How can my organization get on the radar?

Make contact through websites!

Reach out to employees; each of these companies offers their employees incentives to give back, including but not limited to paid volunteer days and matching grants. An "employee champion" within the company is your organization 's best chance at getting your foot in the door.

28:40 How does an established or legacy organization (like a school district) come across as innovative and get noticed by tech companies?

35:00 From the donor perspective, how do your organizations assess a potential grantee or partner?

45:50 Any advice on how to develop methodologies for communicating data on a program 's impact to tech sponsors?

Data is important, but don't forget to tell the story of the people you're impacting. Ken recommends watching SFUSD's video for an example of telling a good story. Check out SFUSD's video here.

52:39 What are the different ways companies might contribute aside from grants dollars?

Audience Q&A:

1:08:11 What are tech companies ' interest levels in performing arts education?

1:12:35 How do you demonstrate the value of your contributions to nonprofits to your company?

1:18:20 How important is it for nonprofits to collaborate with other nonprofits or school districts to get support from tech companies?

1:21:50 What are the panelists ' thoughts on data privacy and security in the education realm?

Intended audience

  • All levels of experience
  • Fundraising & development staff

Published Tuesday, June 9, 2015


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