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A global survey of 125 civil society organizations (CSOs) from low- and middle-income countries conducted by LINC found that as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, 50% of CSOs will have to close in the next three months without additional funding. Candid analyzed more than 30 surveys on the global response to the pandemic and found that both funders and CSOs have had to shift their focus or are experiencing barriers to executing work. Many are also concerned about sustainability.   

Hear from leaders at LINC, Adeso Africa, the Inter-American Foundation (IAF), and Candid as they explore the following questions:  

  • What do we know about global funding trends?  
  • What are the current challenges faced by global civil society?  
  • How are philanthropic funders responding and shifting their strategies?  
  • What does the current situation tell us about the distribution of power and resources within global civil society?  
  • How can civil society respond to build back better after the crisis? 


  • Understand the constraints faced by civil society organizations globally as a result of the COVID-19 crisis 
  • Learn how philanthropic funders are responding to global civil society needs during the COVID-19 crisis, including the constraints faced by funders as well as how they are shifting their strategies 
  • Discuss how global civil society can respond to the COVID-19 crisis to build back better 

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Rich Fromer Managing Director LINC
Degan Ali Executive Director & Leadership Council member Adeso & NEAR
Gabriela Boyer Representative for Mexico and Nicaragua IAF

Published Wednesday, July 8, 2020