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Nonprofit profiles power giving data on over 200 charitable sites, including Facebook and AmazonSmile. Updating your profile to earn a Seal of Transparency gives donors the key information they look for, such as your nonprofit’s mission, programs, and results. Your updates also ensure your latest contact details and payment address are shared with our charitable partners. Watch this webinar recording to maximize your fundraising potential and get noticed by millions of potential donors this Giving Season.

In this webinar recording, you will learn:

  • The importance of #GivingTuesday, end-of-year Giving Season, and the opportunity it presents to engage potential donors 
  • How to optimize their Nonprofit Profile to share information with potential donors and fast-track their funding 
  • How to earn Seals of Transparency 
  • The top 3 critical updates nonprofits should prioritize before #GivingTuesday   

Intended audience

  • All levels of experience
  • CEOs, executive directors, upper management
  • Fundraising & development staff
  • Grant writers
  • Marketing, communications, external affairs

Bonus materials

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Use the following bookmarks to jump to sections of the training:

4:43 Agenda

5:12 What to expect for Giving Season 2021

5:19 What is Giving Season?

6:11 Why does Giving Season matter?

9:20 What do you expect for Giving Season 2021?

11:05 A story about a nonprofit that recently updated their GuideStar profile and received funding

13:35 What would you recommend nonprofits do to prepare for Giving Season?

14:49 Optimize your profile on GuideStar

16:43 Claiming your profile

17:48 Bronze: So you can be found

19:00 Silver: So you can say what you do

20:12 Gold: So you can grow trust

22:42 Top 3 updates before #GivingTuesday

23:00 Key dates

24:48 Tip 1: Check your donation address

24:55 Tip 2: Describe at least one program

25:22 Tip 3: Share your logo and tagline

25:53 Ask us - we're here to help!


Eva Nico (she/her) Senior Director, Programs Candid
Krista Berry (she/her) Network Engagement Manager Candid

Published Tuesday, November 9, 2021