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Produced by Candid

access_time 1 hour, 19 minutes

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RespectAbility is a diverse, disability-led nonprofit that works to create systemic change in how society views and values people with disabilities. RespectAbility advances policies and practices that empower people with disabilities to have a better future.

This webinar highlights ways that organizations can join the movement and advance on their own journeys to become more accessible, equitable, and inclusive of the disability community and its intersecting identities.

Visit RespectAbility's YouTube account to learn more about their work:    / respectability  

Recording date: May 5th, 2023

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  • 0:06 Welcome
  • 0:29 Introduction to Candid
  • 1:30 Introduction to Speakers
  • 2:30 Introduction to RespectAbility
  • 4:55 RespectAbility’s Theory of Change
  • 5:52 The next decade of RespectAbility
  • 7:22 Importance of lived experience

Tips for disability inclusion

  • 7:49 Language matters
  • 13:32 Commit to inclusion of people with disabilities
  • 17:07 Work with disability groups led by people with a range of backgrounds and disabilities
  • 19:45 “Nothing about us without us”
  • 22:22 Conduct formal reviews of DEIA practices
  • 39:44 Onboard talent with disabilities

Hiring people with disabilities

  • 42:05 Benefits of hiring people with disabilities
  • 46:56 Resources
  • 48:24 Hire talent with disabilities
  • 52:13 Ensuring accessible events

Next steps and Q&A

  • 57:05 Continue your disability inclusion journey
  • 58:09 RespectAbility’s consulting efforts
  • 1:00:20 How RespectAbility offers effective solutions
  • 1:01:27 Get involved
  • 1:03:22 Q&A


  • Summarize the disability inclusion challenges that RespectAbility works to solve.
  • Describe RespectAbility’s core program areas and achievements.
  • Access RespectAbility’s free disability inclusion resources.
  • Identify at least 5 ways to start building more disability-inclusive organizations.
  • Identify at least 3 ways to support RespectAbility in advancing its mission.

Intended audience

  • All levels of experience
  • Board members
  • CEOs, executive directors, upper management
  • Fundraising & development staff
  • Nonprofit startups
  • Program directors and staff


Published Monday, October 16, 2023