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Community foundations continue to take on an increasingly diverse set of roles beyond grantmaking, including serving as knowledge brokers, nonprofit capacity builders, coalition builders, and more broadly, community leaders. As community foundations become more active players in creating positive impact by embracing these and other roles, the field’s desire to track this journey beyond the use of traditional financial metrics has grown. CF Insights, a service of Candid, has created a new free resource to help your community foundation do just that.

Join CF Insights, our colleagues at CFLeads, and leaders from the Delaware Community Foundation and the Rochester Area Community Foundation as we discuss the development of the new Community Leadership Assessment Tool. We’ll cover how the tool builds on data collected through CF Insights’ Columbus Survey and recent research by CFLeads to tell a more complete story of the field and how to use it to track your community foundation’s progress along several dimensions of community leadership. We’ll also share ways you can leverage its findings in conversations with staff and your board to inform strategic decision-making.

Use the following bookmarks to jump to sections of the training:

1:10 Introduction

1:35 CF Insights

2:15 Towards community leadership metrics

4:57 The process is important

6:01 Community Leadership Assessment Tool

7:34 At the foundation level…

7:56 At the field level…

8:38 Panel Discussion

10:41 Going All In: Insisting on Racial Equity, Amplifying Community Voice, Influencing Public Policy & Systems

13:11 Areas of Momentum

18:36 Insisting on Racial Equity

20:45 Amplifying Community Voice

23:10 Influencing Public Policy & Systems

26:11 Introducing our community foundation leaders (Moderator and panelists)

27:39 First Impressions: testing the Community Leadership Assessment Tool

48:44 Q&A and Question #1

53:09 Question #2

56:24 Question #3


  • Complete the Community Leadership Assessment Tool
  • Understand your results from the Community Leadership Assessment Tool and how it can maximize your foundation’s role as a community leader
  • Determine how data from the tool can inform strategic decision-making between your foundation’s leadership and board members

Intended audience

  • Intermediate
  • Grantmaker/funder

Bonus materials

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David Rosado Director, CF Insights Candid
Simeon Banister Vice President, Community Programs, Rochester Area Community Foundation
Sarah Hench Grunewald Vice President of Community Impact Delaware Community Foundation
Deborah A. Ellwood President and CEO, CFLeads

Published Tuesday, November 24, 2020