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Nonprofit leaders face many challenges as they work toward achieving their missions. How best can they lead as they juggle multiple demands? Learn to recognize seven top pitfalls common to nonprofit leadership and how to rise above them. During this webinar, you will learn the key ingredients to: optimize your organization’s fundraising efforts, build collaborative partnerships with your board, and lastly, foster a strong, sustainable team and work culture.


Upon completion of this video, you should be able to:

  • Avoid seven common mistakes made by nonprofit executive directors
  • Develop and implement a plan of action to engage and collaborate with your organization’s board
  • Identify the roles your nonprofit’s leadership will play in fundraising
  • Modify internal practices to build a strong team and nurturing work environment
  • Learn some tips for sustainable time management practices

A special welcome to: New or aspiring executive directors, executive level nonprofit professionals and board chairs or any nonprofit management enthusiast.

Intended audience

  • All levels of experience
  • CEOs, executive directors, upper management
  • Nonprofit startups

Bonus materials

Use these bookmarks to jump to different parts of the presentation:

02:52 Lesson 1: No Board Rapport

15:06 Lesson 2: Avoiding the Ask

18:31 Lesson 3: Afraid To Ask

28:54 Lesson 4: Yes = Less of You

32:42 Lesson 5: Fuzzy Math

42:57 Lesson 6: Who's The Boss?

49:27 Lesson 7: Not Using Protection

53:00 Q&A