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Comments from Stephanie Harley, Project Manager, Community Health Endowment of Lincoln, from The Grantseeker's Guide to Winning Proposals:

The proposal summary on the cover page was very clear and summed up all components to follow in the application. In this brief statement we learned what was to be achieved, the specific outcomes and measures, why the project was important, and how sustainability would be met.

The proposal was very readable and well written. We use fill-in-able forms, ensuring all applications follow the same format and graphic presentation, and in this case the writing stood out, as points were clearly stated and tied together well. The overall case made for the project was strong. Local studies and national research were referenced to make a compelling argument, and the proposal strongly tied the project to our mission of improving health, especially among underserved populations.

Within the narrative the proposal could have expanded upon expected barriers and how they would be overcome. The workplan also could have expanded on overall project objectives.