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This grant proposal requests support for a meal delivery program for low-income people with HIV/AIDS and their families.

Comments from Lita Ugarte Pardi, Program Officer, The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, from The Grantseeker's Guide to Winning Proposals:

Project Open Hand answered all the questions on our application form. The AIDS Fund application form provides ample space for answers and allows applicants to answer multiple questions over multiple pages, enabling the applicant to choose in which sections to use more or less of their space. One component that was well developed was Project Open Hand's answer to question 5, in which they discuss their plan for evaluating success. The success of the program that Project Open Hand proposed is linked to meals resulting in positive health outcomes for their clients, and in the answer, Project Open Hand provided details on a 2006 client survey that demonstrates the levels of success the program had in the past year.

The writing style was easy to read and understand. Project Open Hand used a table to demonstrate how their staff and board members reflect the population served by the program. Seeing the information like this made it easy to identify whether Project Open Hand's staff and board members reflected the population it serves.


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Economically disadvantaged