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This grant proposal features a request for funding to conduct evaluation of parenting support programs for low-income, high-risk women with infants.

Comments from Mary Gregory, Executive Director, Bella Vista Foundation, from The Grantseeker's Guide to Winning Proposals:

The strongest feature of this proposal was the clarity and conciseness of the description of LifeLong's request: an evaluation of a program lodged within a larger agency. A possible weakness was that the section that describes the proposed evaluation used some technical jargon such as "formative" and "summative" data, which may have been confusing to people who were not evaluators, but which also may have been reassuring to board members in that it demonstrated that there were professional evaluators involved in this project and even in the writing of the proposal. It was very helpful that the proposal included the logic model because that had been mentioned in the narrative. The only thing they might have added (since they were under the page limit) would have been a case study of a mother and child in the current Centering Parenting program so that the board could have more easily understood how families find the program and what are some of the benefits to the mothers and children.