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Multi-year grant request to train workers in adult day services and hospice/palliative care.

Comments from Naomi M. Stanhaus, Program Consultant, The Retirement Research Foundation, from The Grantseeker's Guide to Winning Proposals:

The proposal is actually the culmination of a cultivation process in which Easter Seals inquired informally of our interest through a brief concept paper and telephone discussions. When a subject is complex, it is important that an applicant inquire and then help educate us before submitting a full proposal. Easter Seals' proposal is a pleasure to read. The writing is very clear and as jargon-free as possible. This was probably particularly challenging for Easter Seals because the proposal had to explain the issues and terminology of two industries (adult day service and hospice).

Easter Seals' proposal is very well organized, as can be seen by the summary itself that highlights and tells us what to expect in each section of the proposal. The proposal is very logical; each part connects to previous parts. The objectives directly address the problem, and the strategies/methods are clearly linked to the objectives. There is a clear rationale for the selected strategies. The proposal commits to measurable outcomes, with specific percentages and numbers.


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