State agencies

  • Washington Secretary of State

    Charitable Organization Registration

    The Charitable Solicitations Program registers individuals, organizations, and commercial fundraisers that solicit charitable donations from the public. The charitable organizations "self assessment guide" on this page explains who must register. Download the "charitable organization registrations/renewal" form on this page or click the green "yes" button by the link to file online and receive a speedier response.

  • Washington State Department of Revenue

    Nonprofit Organizations

    This page provides a basic description of the specific sales tax exemptions for nonprofit organizations operating in Washington.

  • Washington Secretary of State

    Registration Forms

    Nonprofit corporations in Washington are formed by filing with the Secretary of State's office. Click on the "Domestic Nonprofit Corporation" tab. Then click on the link to download a paper form or click the "yes" button next to the form link to file online for a faster response.

  • Harbor Compliance

    Washington Fundraising Registration

    Information on Washington charitable solicitation fundraising registration.

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