State agencies

  • Maryland Secretary of State

    Charitable Organization Division

    The Charitable Organizations Division annually registers, regulates and renews charitable organizations, professional solicitors and fund-raising counsel doing business in the State of Maryland.

  • State Department of Assessments & Taxation

    Forms & Applications

    Nonprofit organizations in Maryland are established as tax-exempt non-stock corporations by filing articles of incorporation with the State Department of Assessments & Taxation.


    Governor's Grants Office

    The Governor's Grants Office is the definitive one-stop resource for grant opportunities and training on a variety of subjects related to grants management. Visit to listen to a variety of recorded webinars (free of charge), download countless grants workshop presentations, and sign up to receive email notifications of grants, free newsletters, invitations to webinars, workshops and conferences.

  • Harbor Compliance

    Maryland Fundraising Registration

    Information on Maryland charitable solicitation fundraising registration.

  • Comptroller of Maryland

    Sales and Use Tax

    The Comptroller's Office issues sales and use tax exemption certificates to certain qualifying organizations, entitling them to make specific purchases without paying sales and use tax.

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