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How are nonprofits funded?

Individual donations, corporate contributions, foundation grants and fee for services are some of many sources of income for nonprofits. While opinion varies as to what a nonprofit's "ideal" mix is, using several different sources to achieve sustainability is generally a good practice.

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How can I find funders that offer a particular type of support?

A types of support approach to grantseeking differs from a subject approach in that it focuses on identifying grantmakers that have expressed an interest in providing the specific types of support your organization needs. For example, there is no point in approaching a funder for emergency funds if the foundation only funds research or building/renovation projects.

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Where can I learn more about fundraising planning?

Foundation grants account for only a small percentage of the overall funding picture in the nonprofit world. It is therefore essential for nonprofit organizations to investigate and incorporate a variety of potential revenue sources. This process is known as fundraising planning.

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¿Qué es la planificación para la procuración de fondos y cómo me puedo instruir acerca de este tema?

Recurso en español: Las aportaciones de fundaciones donantes representan un porcentaje modesto de la totalidad de donaciones hechas a organizaciones sin fines de lucro. Por lo tanto, es de suma importancia que las organizaciones investiguen e incorporen todas las posibles fuentes de ingresos en sus estrategias de procuración de fondos.