Personal or independent projects -- for example, traveling overseas for a mission, attending summer camp, raising money for a specific person in need -- typically are not eligible to receive foundation grants.

However, if your project is artistic or research-related, or its primary purpose is to serve a larger audience and improve the community, you could consider fiscal sponsorship as a means to qualify for foundation grants.

Funding for your personal, independent project

Most of your funding likely will come from donations given by individuals. Unlike foundation and government grants, individual donations are not limited to charities and nonprofits. People can and will give money to others if they believe in an individual or a cause. However, direct gifts of this nature are not tax-deductible for the donor. They also are not tax-exempt for the recipient (you), which means that any donations you receive will count as personal income.

That said, there are many creative ways to raise cash for your project. It's important to give yourself enough time to map out and execute your fundraising plan.

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