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To get an overview of funding information and resources available to artists of all types, start by reading our Knowledge Base article: Where can I find grants for individual artists?

Award-winning San Francisco-based filmmaker Banker White gave this strategy for finding grants:

  • Apply early and often
  • Make communicating your creative thoughts and vision a part of the filmmaking process.
  • Let deadlines help you create needed structure.
  • Do your research. Match the appropriate stage and the projects that the funder wants. Most grantmakers have websites with thorough details.

"(I)t is true that to be competitive in development it helps to have some footage that represents your project, and when applying for production funds you are often expected to have strong sequences already shot and edited," White said. "But don't let this discourage you. Applying for grant funding should be approached like an important part of the creative process."

For additional help and advice, take a look at our selected resources for film and videomakers below.

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