Celebrities are often sought after to support charitable causes in a a variety of ways. Some will lend their name to a cause or event while others give financial support or volunteer as individuals. Some have even set up their own private foundations.

You can search for a celebrity's name in Foundation Directory to find foundations in which they are involved. In Foundation Directory, click on "Search by Person", and then enter the individual's name in the box labeled "Who's Who." Subscribe to search from your own computer, or use it for free at our locations nationwide.

However, be aware that many celebrities are inundated with requests for money and endorsements, even though they may have no connection to a nonprofit's activities or location. Thus, research and cultivate relationships with celebrities as you would for a less famous or wealthy major donor. Seek out local celebrities, who will more likely have a connection to the community and an interest in its welfare, and so they may be more inclined to respond favorably to your approach.

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