Earlier this summer we posted a survey to our GrantSpace community to gather feedback on how the re-launch of our website was received. Over 550 people took the survey, and over 80% told us that they found what they were looking for on the website.

GrantSpace Survey Graph

Over 50% of visitors told us that they come to GrantSpace to find general info about Foundation Center, while almost 20% come to register and attend a class. A third of survey takers described themselves as mid-level staff, while 20% described themselves as the founders of their organizations. A third of survey takers say that their principal responsibilities involve fundraising activities, including writing grants. Other areas of focus include program planning, marketing, teaching, and project management.

When asked about the greatest challenge they face, survey takers said “finding grants for my nonprofit” (42%), “diversifying my funding sources” (15%), and “writing compelling proposals and fundraising pitches” (15%).

We offered to enter those who took our survey into a $100 cash prize drawing. The winner, Gemma, had this to say about GrantSpace: “It is incredible! I have already shared it with my Director to see if he would be interested in any of the trainings.”

Many thanks to everyone who participated! Make sure you sign up for the GrantSpace email list so you never miss another opportunity on GrantSpace.

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