If you think that #GivingTuesday is just hype, listen up! This is one trend that lives up to the hype, and your nonprofit should definitely consider embracing it to make some fundraising noise this holiday season. If you don't already know about #GivingTuesday, let us help bring you up to speed so you, too, can leverage this valuable opportunity.

In 2012, the 92Y and the United Nations Foundation founded the #GivingTuesday movement as a way to kick off the giving season for nonprofits and charities. The campaign, which always falls on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is designed to tap into the spending momentum of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, directing some of that "giving spirit" to support social good.

So, with the right messaging and fundraising plan (and maybe a little tugging of heart strings), you can get the attention of holiday shoppers by using #GivingTuesday as a springboard for garnering end-of-year donations to your nonprofit. It's only a month away, though, so here are three ways Foundation Center wants to help you prepare, not only for a successful #GivingTuesday, but also for a strong finish to your fundraising year:

1. Training!

We have tons of great webinars coming up this month and next, both online and in-person.

2. Tips From the Experts!

Guest bloggers on GrantSpace and PND 's Philantopic provide a wealth of knowledge to grantseekers - from how to get your board engaged in fundraising to how to launch a crowdfunding campaign:

  • "Help the board understand that the scary part of fundraising - asking for money - is only about 15% of the work. The other 85% - prospecting, cultivation, engagement, thanking, and recognition - happens before and after 'the ask.' Every board member can help out in many different ways." -- Andy Robinson, Boards & Fundraising: 3 Tasks Everyone Can Do
  • "Find the platform that will work the hardest for you: one that saves you time and money, is streamlined, looks pretty, and, simply stated, works well." -- Dana Ostomel, 5 Criteria for Choosing a Crowdfunding Platform
  • "Don't only thank people once for an action or contribution - find ways to continually show your appreciation throughout the year. Thank them when they make a donation, then send them an email with an update on progress that includes a thank-you message." -- John Kenyon, 4 Cornerstones of Online Fundraising

Additional helpful reads:

3. #GivingTuesday Tools!

The folks at 92Y and the United Nations Foundation are offering nonprofits like yours access to free tools and tips to launch your own #GT campaigns, including:

So, now that you have a variety of resources to build your #GivingTuesday campaign, are you going to participate? Good luck and happy fundraising!


As a member of Foundation Center's marketing and communications team, LIZZ CARROLL is responsible for developing and directing the Center's national social media strategy and incorporating online tools to build relationships and ultimately strengthen the organization's brand, both online and off.

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